Group exhibitions:


Galerie Artique 2015 - Budel

Budel: Galerie Artique 2016 - Budel

Gouverneurshuis 2016 - Heusden

Galerie Oocker 2016 - Heusden

Brabant Art Fair 2017 - Breda

Galerie Oocker 2017 - Heusden








Being raised in a family of art lovers, his enthusiasm and appreciation for great works of art is part of his DNA. However, Fasano’s true passion for the art of painting itself, only came later on in his life. After travelling through South and Central America, Fasano was touched by the beauty of colorful landscapes.

This was the spark which created a burning passion to start painting. But as with most people, his full-time day job was very demanding which left him very little time for developing his painting skills. As days and weeks went by, Fasano knew his mission in life was to paint. He decided to work part-time and dedicated the lion’s share of his time towards fulfilling his dream.

He could not have made a better choice. Fasano’s paintings now are exhibited in art galleries all across The Netherlands and he even has international customers for whom he makes custom artworks. His paintings are a perfect balance of color, light and composition which all blends together on the canvas. Fasano’s artwork is a fantastic spectacle that takes the observer on an adventurous journey to a place of our dreams.

Mostly Fasano works with acrylic paint on canvas, but he also uses oil paint for his expressive and abstract artworks.